's fable
What is the colour of fantasy? And happiness? And memories are visible, can be touched?
This is a fable, yes. It could be old style, simple-minded, but it is exactly like this that so much kids and their mothers still love! So listen to us.

Once upon a time there were a lot of young boys and young girls. They were really a lot happy and loved from their mothers.But they had a problem, little for adults, but enormous and to be solved for them: each time that their mothers dressed them for party's day, the little girls and little boys felt in theirs clothes like plasted.

Sure were elegant and beautiful clothes; they liked, but they were to much uncomfortable and seriously.

So the happiness of the party's day, the day to be remembered a little bit disappeared and kids were really happy only when they could dress other type of clothes: the daily dresses which were much more comfortable.

But also that ... yes they were comfortable, but most of the time had nothing particular, nothing of brand new and coloured.

Once upon a time! At a certain point everything changed! What: everything changed ?!

Sure, because for each type of fable there is always an happy end ... And at this certain point a fairy arrived. Uff ... but not with dark blue hair: this type of fairy was in an another fable.

This fairy named Paola Coppola, she had brown hair and a sincere smile and most of all it was a little fairy and a little ...mother: she had close to her Giacomo, her child. He was the only person that told her what to do for making all the other kids around the world happy.

So, looking and hearing ...working and creating ... at the end they found together the solution to the little but important problem of kids, same as for importance to Giacomo and same for importance for other mothers like Paola.

You really want to know what became the name of this solution?

They really found a beautiful solution: you want to know ...

Giacomo knew that in some special days to be remembered, his mother wanted him to be dressed in an elegant shape, something that only some dresses gave a refined gentleness.

But he wanted to enjoy himself, laugh and play like as the other days of the year: otherwise what kid had been ...???

So from the pencil of mother Paola born so many dresses: overcoats, jackets, skirts, trousers, waistcoats, shirts and chemises and everything could be desired.

A collection called Rétro, for the special days, simply and comfortable made with the more precious cachemire, the more softly wools, cotton velvets and silken velvets, chiffon, silk, cotton, shantung of silk, jersey of cotton and jersey of wool.

Vivacious and cheerful in an explosion of sky - blue, green, red, yellow, orange, bordeaux, ice - colour, white and more and more ...

All dresses were enriched with particular trimming that made them " the face of memory", the shape of "Anticato Dress" that Mamma Paola loved so much.

And all dresses had a proper name to became faithful friend of life and witness of unforgettable moments.

But this is not the end ...: the joy, the play, the thoughtlessness, the every day life ...

What could be dressed properly for these moments ... Something beautiful and charming?

Voilà: Casual Chic was the reply from the creative pencil of Paola.

Also for this collection there were so many alternatives: the fantasy of patchwork made of velvet or flax, the cotton, the cotton velvets, the wool, jersey of wool and jersey of cotton, denim of cotton, also the ecopelle shaped jackets and dresses, trousers, shirts and chemises and so ... Fancy like children that should have dressed ...

Showy colours like red, bordeaux, green, ecrù that matched with white, ivory, dark, blue and black.

Kids could called this dresses with their own name:Puntaspilli, Vitalba, Jack della siepe...

But all this is not the past is the present moment. To be honest is not a fable: we told you a lie... but sometimes also kids told someone, do them?!

The Rétro and CASUAL CHIC collections are not a fable, but the reality of Paola Coppola and of her child Giacomo, together for